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Aaron Crosman ACrosman at afsc.org
Tue Mar 8 18:11:43 CET 2005

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> Aaron Crosman wrote:
> >I'm running Mailman 2.1.4 on SuSE 9.1, using the SuSE 
> package.  I have one user using the Spanish language version 
> of Mailman.  Almost everything is setup, however today we 
> noticed that the user options page of the Spanish language 
> version is not working properly at all (everything is fine if 
> you look at the English lists).
> >
> The first thing to check is the Spanish language template for 
> the page.
> The base template is templates/es/options.html, but there 
> could also be a site edited template at 
> templates/site/es/options.html or a domain specific edited 
> template at templates/<host-name>/es/options.html or a list 
> specific edited template at lists/<list-name>/es/options.html.
> Note that the base template should never be edited. Edited 
> templates should be in one or more of the other 3 places. See 
> http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py?req=show&file=faq04.048.htp
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While this was wonderfully helpful information for other projects that I'm working on, it didn't resolve the issue with the user options page for the Spanish version.  Yesterday I downloaded the options.html from the CVS tree and replaced the copy that was there, and restarted mailman, but that didn't help.  They are seeing a mix of Python/HTML code in the page.  Could there be something wrong in the data for the list that could cause this?  I ran check_perms and check_db and neither found anything.  Or is there some parsing code that applies only to non-English pages that might be corrupt? The following is an excerpt of the source code seen by the browser:

Está suscrito a la lista con la dirección <em>{'WidgetArray': <class Mailman.htmlformat.WidgetArray at 0x405be5fc>, 'Errors': <module 'Mailman.Errors' from '/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/Errors.pyc'>, 'PasswordBox': <class Mailman.htmlformat.PasswordBox at 0x405be44c>, 'DELIVERED_BY': 'mailman.jpg', 'DefinitionList': <class Mailman.htmlformat.DefinitionList at 0x405be6ec>, 'Strikeout': <class Mailman.htmlformat.Strikeout at 0x405be35c>, 'options_page': <function options_page at 0x405eba74>, 'message': '', 'Document': <class Mailman.htmlformat.Document at 0x405be11c>, 'QuotedContainer': <class Mailman.htmlformat.QuotedContainer at 0x405be1ac>, 'replacements': {'<mm-dont-ack-posts-button>': '<input type=radio name="ackposts" value="0" CHECKED>', '<mm-reminder>': '', '<mm-list-langs>': '\n<Select name="language">\n <option value="es" Selected> Espa\xf1ol (Espa\xf1a) </option>\n <option value="en"> Ingl\xe9s (EEUU) </option>\n</Select>', '<mm-list-description>': 'CFOmaquiladoras Lo nuevo', '<mm-results>': '<strong><font size="+1"></font></strong>', 

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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