[Mailman-Users] Spanish version option page -- More information

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Mar 8 20:14:21 CET 2005

Aaron Crosman wrote:

>I setup a second list with Spanish as it's language option, and I tried
>opening the users options page there.  That page is fine.  So this seems
>to be an issue with the way that the particular list in question is
>Does anyone have any suggestions about where in a list's configuration
>damage might have been done that destroys the user options page?  Or
>what to reset that might clear this up?  There are no list specific
>templates, just a replacement welcome message.

Did you access the second list's options with exactly the same
'hostname' (as in http://hostname/...) as the first list? If not, it
still might be a host specific template.

If you're convinced it is not the template, then I don't know what it
might be as I said in my previous post, the fragments that you posted
(outside of what appears to be a dump of a Python dictionary) don't
correlate with any template.

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