[Mailman-Users] Configuring the UI of Mailmain interface

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Mar 15 06:36:17 CET 2005

Jessica Martin wrote:
>I have successfully installed and am using Mailman, and now I would like
>to just clean it up.
>For example, there are several confirmation pages. I would like to
>customize the font info using a stylesheet. Is this possible?
>I would also like to customize the text on these confirm/authorization
>pages as well, what the text says on these pages to make it more
>personalized. Possible?

Some but not all e-mail text and web HTML is in template files in
templates/<language>/. That which is derived from templates is easily
customizable. The rest requires source code modification and possibly
modification of i18n translated messages to do any customization.

Information on customizing templates is in the FAQ at

>Also, with the language feature when people subscribe, the languages are
>rendering in the title ONLY of my confirm pages, but not in the text
>itself (Because I made customized text perhaps?) Does the language feature
>only work with the default text remains intact?

If you made customized text by changing text inside _() in source code,
you also have to change the appropriate
messages/<language>/LC_MESSAGES/mailman.po file and then rebuild the
corresponding mailman.mo file with bin/msgfmt.py

>Lastly, I want to link the images of Mailman, Python, and that Moose image
>(what page does it represent?) anyway I want to link these images to the
>appropriate home pages. Possible? How?

It's a gnu, not a moose.

>From the INSTALL document (or from

    - Copy the Mailman, Python, and GNU logos to a location accessible
      to your web server.  E.g. with Apache, you've usually got an
      `icons' directory that you can drop the images into.  For

        % cp $prefix/icons/*.{jpg,png} /path/to/apache/icons

      You then want to add a line to your $prefix/Mailman/mm_cfg.py
      file which sets the base URL for the logos.  For example:

      IMAGE_LOGOS = '/images/'

      The default value for IMAGE_LOGOS is '/icons/'.  Read the
      comment in Defaults.py.in for details.

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