[Mailman-Users] Posts being dropped for no clear reason

Ross Vandegrift rvandergrift at HostMySite.com
Tue Mar 15 06:20:13 CET 2005

Hello everyone,

On our list server, one can find messages from the administrator in the
exim log:

whitman:/var/log/exim4# grep 1DB3Xc-0005bz-1W mainlog
2005-03-14 23:20:25 1DB3Xc-0005bz-1W <= smoak at capcsac.org
H=adsl-67-122-237-50.dsl.scrm01.pacbell.net (capcsac.org)
[] P=esmtp S=70083
id=326EA2B87756DF4C86D87B8820D3E5DF3948BB at sbserver.CAPCSAC.local
2005-03-14 23:20:26 1DB3Xc-0005bz-1W => pca-ca
<pca-ca at lists1.safesecureweb.com> R=mailman_router T=mailman_transport
2005-03-14 23:20:26 1DB3Xc-0005bz-1W Completed

And then mailman dumps it:
whitman:/var/log/mailman# grep 326EA2B87756DF4C86D87B8820D3E5DF3948BB *
vette:Mar 14 23:20:27 2005 (9981) Message discarded, msgid:
<326EA2B87756DF4C86D87B8820D3E5DF3948BB at sbserver.CAPCSAC.local>

vette is the only log that has any refence to these message IDs.
Content filtering is disabled for this list.  Why is this message being
discarded?  (In actuality, it's any post from this email address)

Also, what exactly is the vette logfile storing?  I don't understand
what this logfile represents - everything else has a pretty clear name.
Thanks for any help!


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