[Mailman-Users] "User unknown in local recipient table" Error

Olson, Gary golson at eicc.edu
Wed Mar 23 22:52:19 CET 2005

I've got two lists up and running after a new install of Mailman 2.1.5
(RH E 3, Apache 2.0.46, Postfix 2.0.16) but when I went to create a
third list today everything went fine until I sent an email to test the
new list.   The message came right back with a "User unknown in local
recipient table" error.  I did a search of the
documentation/troubleshooting and this list's archives and tried
changing the  local_recipient_maps in main.cf for Postfix.  When I did
that I get a database loop for admin error for the new list that again
bounces the message back to me.  The other two lists run just fine with
the Postfix variable local_recipient_maps commented out.

The Postfix aliases are the same for all three lists except for the list
name, of course.

By the way, this third list created today was created with Mailman Admin
while the others I did from the command line.

Any ideas on why this is happening or where I might look to see what is
causing this?

Eastern Iowa Community College


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