[Mailman-Users] Unable to subscribe.

Matthew A. Marshall Matthew.Marshall at noaa.gov
Mon Mar 28 22:11:05 CEST 2005

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Matthew A. Marshall wrote:
>>Hello, I'm running mailman v2.1.5.  When I attempt to subscribe to a 
>>list via the web gui.  I receive the email I need to confirm.  I reply 
>>to the email.  The email is received by my mailman server.  I see it in 
>>the maillog.   However, after that nothing happens.  I am not added to 
>>the list nor a message stating that I have sucessfully subscribed.  Has 
>>anyone else had this problem?
>The e-mail has a subject of the form
>Subject: confirm bfb17fa8cb865644b1d4239335148977d3bc6267
>The reply needs to go to the <listname>-request address and it needs to
>preserve the subject or possibly make a subject of the form
>Subject: Re: confirm bfb17fa8cb865644b1d4239335148977d3bc6267
>There is an issue with certain MUAs (MS Outlook) that will make the
>subject of the reply
>Subject: Re : confirm bfb17fa8cb865644b1d4239335148977d3bc6267
>This will not work. I.e. 'confirm' needs to be either the first or the
>second "token" following Subject:
>See the thread at
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I double checked the message subject.  It's shouldn't be the cause.  I 
ran into this same problem with mailman 2.0.x. 

This is what I see.  We have a mail router which accepts incoming email 
for anyone at noaa.gov.  This includes mailing lists.  The 
listname-request at noaa.gov gets forwarded to 
listname-request at listserver.noaa.gov.   I see the message come in and 
get sent to mailman.  Nothing after that.  If I send the confirmation to 
listname-request at listserver.noaa.gov instead of 
listname-request at noaa.gov I see the message come in, get sent to mailman 
and then the welcome message sent back out.  This makes absolutly no 
sense as to why it works one way, but not the other.


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