[Mailman-Users] Non moderated lists

Xavih xavi.herrero at upf.edu
Thu Mar 31 11:10:25 CEST 2005

Good morning!

It's only few time we have mailman list in use, so I'm new in mailman administration, and I have a request from users I don't know how to solve.

As you say in the advise of "Mailman-Users -- Mailman mailing list management users":
Please note that posts from non-subscribers will require a human moderator to examine them to determine that they are on-topic and appropriate for the list, and this may cause the message to be delayed by hours or perhaps longer, depending on how busy the moderators are.

There is any way to create non moderated list (or open list)?
I would like to have a list where anyone can post mails whithout pass though the filter of the moderator, it is possible?
Thanks in advance,


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