[Mailman-Users] bounce processing on seldom-used list

Heather Madrone heather at madrone.com
Fri May 13 08:15:26 CEST 2005

At 1:57 AM -0400 5/13/05, Charles Sprickman wrote:
>But this situation was kind of unique...  It's a large list, but it does not
>get used more than 5 or 6 times a year.  The list owner would like to know when
>someone is bouncing, but right after the first bounce.  Is there any way to do
>that?  I didn't see too much about bounce processing in the FAQ, but it seems
>like it's built around lists that see traffic more often than a few times a
>Any suggestions on how to hack in even some basic "here's a list of people that
>bounced on this mailing for this list" functionality?  Even something outside
>of mailman itself?

If you set the bounce threshold to 0.9, then members who have one hard
bounce will be immediately disabled.  If you set all the bounce notify options
to Yes, then the list-owner will be notified about all bouncers.

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