[Mailman-Users] mp3 attachment

John Fleming john at wa9als.com
Tue May 17 04:45:19 CEST 2005

> It depends on how your Content filtering is currently set up. The mime
> type of an mp3 should be 'audio/mpeg', but the sending MUA may give it
> another type, even 'application/octet-stream'. If you allow the
> latter, you might as well just turn content filtering off.
> Anyway, assuming your filtering is currently set up with
> filter_mime_types empty and some entries in pass_mime_types, you need
> to add audio/mpeg and if not there already, multipart/mixed to
> pass_mime_types. That should work for all "correct" mp3 attachments.

Thanks for the thoughts, Mark - I figured I could fix it in this area, but I 
haven't been successful.  First, I added audio/mpg to pass_mime_types and 
then also even application/octet-stream - However, even with these added, 
the mail just disappears - the whole email, not just the attachment.  And 
it's not in the spam or virus traps.

Finally, I even noticed that content filtering IS turned off!!  So that 
means ANYTHING passes, right?  I just don't understand why it disappears 
without being rejected or serving notice that moderation is needed.  (That's 
what happens when spam is detected.)

Any other ideas?  - John

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