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Jean-Philippe GIOLA jean-philippe.giola at st.com
Fri May 20 12:43:57 CEST 2005

yes you answer my question but there is an another point :
when that mbox file is created ??
in the default.py file, I have seen "monthly" but i created a list more 
than a month ago and the mbox file isn't still created...

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Jean-Philippe GIOLA wrote:
>>i'm a new mailman user and I want to know why in the archives 
>>(.../archives/public/...) there is for a list only a directory and in 
>>that directory a txt file or a tarball file, and why sometimes there is 
>>an another directory for the same list with a mbox extension with the 
>>mbox file in it ??
>I'm not sure I understand the question, but here's some information.
>The archives/public/ directory normally only contains symlinks to the
>respective archives/private/<listname> directories for lists with
>public archives.
>The archives/private/ directory normally contains two sub-directories
>per list. These are archives/private/<listname>/ and
>archives/private/<listname>.mbox/. The archives/private/<listname>/
>directory contains the pipermail archive files for the list and the
>archives/private/<listname>.mbox/ directory contains a <listname>.mbox
>file which is a Unix mbox format file containing all the messages in
>the archive. This list cumulative mbox file is useful as a backup for
>rebuilding the archive if necessary and can be made availabe through
>the web interface for searching.
>See mm_cfg.py/Defaults.py settings for ARCHIVE_TO_MBOX and PUBLIC_MBOX.
>The various periodic .txt and .txt.gz files in
>archives/private/<listname>/ contain edited mbox files for that
>period. These are available from the web interface and can be used for
>searching. They should not be used for rebuilding the archive as the
>headers have been edited.
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