[Mailman-Users] Using CSS to alter the look and feel of archives

Henry Katz-Diego securitylists at inkworkswell.com
Mon May 23 23:38:05 CEST 2005


We're helping a friend who wants to change the mailman archives. We're 
using CSS to implement a three column design with a header.

We've read the archive entries and FAQ which explain how to update the HTML.

One thing we aren't certain of is placement of the closing </div> tags for 
each of the three columns.

The closing </body> and </html> tags are included in archidxfoot.html. Are 
the closing </div> tags best placed in article.html, archtoc.html? Or, 
should they be placed in archidxfoot.html? Or maybe I'm just very confused?!

We're creating the look and feel of these pages outside the server upon 
which they normally reside, so we can't really test them. I'd like to take 
them to the administrator -- a guy who administers this box on a volunteer 
basis -- without a lot of hassle.



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