[Mailman-Users] bounce-problem

Niels Richter niels.richter at racken.de
Wed May 25 19:11:55 CEST 2005

Hello mailman-users,

some subscribers of different lists have a bounce-problem. The server
their mailadresses are hosted at, is discarding mails send from hosts
that didn't exists.

The subscribers getting SPAM-Mails through one list they are
subscribed in at my system. Now mailman is getting back the bounces
(because the mail, mailman was delivering is not accepted from the
other server) and thinks their are problems with the mailadresses and
is starting the bounce-procedure.

But the mailadress is working and the user also geting the notice,
that he can reactivate his subscription with a link (by the way: the
link is not working, it always tells him, that the time is over for

One solution would be to mark and discard the SPAM and not to forward
it to the user. Okay, that's why I wrote the other mail :) But is
their also another possibility, maybe a whitelist for bounce-procedure
(setting up the IP or Domain of the users) or something in this way?
Some special settings, but please system-wide, because the users are
subscribed in more than 10 lists per user.

Thanks for your help.


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