[Mailman-Users] Emergency Moderation/NonMod Trouble

Barbara Brust barbara at lucilledesign.com
Wed May 25 21:57:21 CEST 2005

I am having a problem with sending out email blasts to an 
announcement ONLY list. I have it set on Emergency Moderation and 
have a few email addresses that are admins, as well as moderators, 
and yes, they are list members too, with their MOD turned off.
Now I am NOT able to send out email from any of these addresses. The 
only way I can is to send, then log on to release it via 
authorization. I have notice of auth. turned off since I really want 
announce ONLY. Have message stating that to any attempts.

I am not sure, but i think this used to work. no prob.
Now though... yikes.
I have been working with local tech support and what i keep hearing 
from them is i have to go in to authorize. this is not per the text 
in the admin panels.
Any ideas?
even if shell access is necessary, i can get the tech support to do 
it if i know what to do.,

Barbara Brust
barbara at lucilledesign.com

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