[Mailman-Users] Host won't upgrade, what are my options?

Sam Santos lalato at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 00:38:56 CET 2005

Mark and Brad...
I was able to pull up the mbox file using Mark's sample URL. However, it
only goes as far back as May 2003. When I look at my archives that seems to
be when it first started creating Gzip'd Text Files for each month.

Beyond that I have stuff that dates as far back as Feb, 2001, but it didn't
appear to be inside the mbox file. Is there another mbox file floating
around or does that really old stuff predate the mbox file format? If so, is
it collected into one file somewhere by any chance?

Thanks for the help and info.

On 11/2/05, Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> wrote:
> Brad Knowles wrote:
> >At 11:51 PM -0500 2005-11-01, Sam Santos wrote:
> >
> >> Unfortunately, I don't have access to the mailman installation... at
> least
> >> not as far as I can tell (warning: I'm fairly new to this side of
> things).
> >> Is there any hope for my archives at all?
> >
> > You may be able to grab the "cooked" text format archives, modify
> >them to look more like proper 7th edtion "mbox" format raw source
> >archives, and then import them into your new mailing at your new
> >provider. Or, your new provider may be able to do that for you.
> >
> > But otherwise, there's not much you can do without being able to
> >get access to the source archive mbox files.
> You can always get the source archive mbox file for a list (asssuming
> there is one) via a URL similar to
> http://www.example.com/mailman/private/list_name.mbox/list_name.mbox
> regardless of whether or not there is a public link to it. It does
> require authorization even if the archive is public.
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