[Mailman-Users] Subscribing someone from a CGI script

Steve Vance stv at well.com
Thu Nov 3 08:34:59 CET 2005

I have Mailman set up and working, for several mailing lists. On one of 
them, the mailing list is part of a website which has a form you can 
fill out. You can put in your name, e-maill address, what you're 
interested in, etc. One of the items on the form is a checkbox, 
"Subscribe me to the listserve". I'm trying to get this checkbox to work.

The CGI is coded in PHP and Perl. I have tried various ways of 
automatically subscribing someone to the Mailman listserve in question, 
but so far I haven't been able to figure it out. I have had PHP do the 
command line "bin/add_members", and nothing seems to happen. The other 
thing that I have encountered is of course "Group mismatch error.  
Mailman expected the CGI wrapper script to be executed as group 
"nobody", blah blah blah". I realize this is a safety feature, so that 
my listserve isn't hacked. But now, it is me doing the hacking, and I 
want to allow it!

My Web Hosting ISP runs the Mailman installation thru CPanel, and won't 
let me recompile Mailman or anything drastic like that. Any ideas on how 
I can easily accomplish what I want to do? Some kind of Mailman "API" 
that will let me add and remove members from another process?

This would come in handy in several other ways. I would also like to 
have columns in my MySQL membership database about which listserves the 
member is subscribed to, some way of automatically keeping that 
up-to-date. Also, I don't seem to have stumbled across a "Newsgroups 
<--> Mailman" gateway. Did I just overlook that?


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