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Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Nov 4 06:38:54 CET 2005

JT wrote:

>On 11/03/2005 10:44 PM,  Mark Sapiro wrote:
>>The only password reminder that should be sent to
>>post+bboardname at bboardhost.com is the one for that member, and you can
>>turn off reminders for that member on that member's options page.
>I don't mean the automatic password reminders, I have already turned 
>these for the account as you describe below.  The problem is that anyone 
>can go to the member options page and request that a password reminder 
>be sent by clicking the Remind button.

I get it now. You are concerned that someone will go to the options
login page for post+bboardname at bboardhost.com and request a password
be mailed?

If you set umbrella_list to Yes, ALL password mailings including this
one will go to some other address. It probably isn't quite what you
want either, because it affects things like subscription confirmations
as well as password reminders and you can't make it go to you.

Umbrella lists are designed for cases where all the list members are
other lists. In this case, you set umbrella_list to Yes and say you
leave umbrella_member_suffix at the default of -owner. Then, all
administrative notices for list member sub-list at example.com are sent
to sub-list-owner at example.com. This works fine if all the list members
are other Mailman lists.

In your case, where the list members are individuals except for this
one board, the notices would be sent to
post+bboardname-owner at bboardhost.com and jane_doe-owner at example.com,
etc. This would probably insure they were undeliverable, but you
probably want some of them to be deliverable.

Unfortunately, that's the only tool you've got without hacking the
Mailman code itself.

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