[Mailman-Users] List Info Page

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Nov 6 19:48:34 CET 2005

David wrote:

>Now I'm not sure I stated the question right.  On the listinfo page it 
>lists all the lists and the lists all seem to be fine but on that page 
>it has this:

I understood the question.

>Where can I get that if your are having trouble using the lists, please 
>contact (changed to) webmaster at greater-lansing.com

As I tried to explain in my previous reply, you can't. The best you can
do is have it be mailman at greater-lansing.com instead of
mailman at mail.greater-lansing.com.

This is accomplished by

add_virtualhost('mail.greater-lansing.com', 'greater-lansing.com')

in mm_cfg.py. If you already have this either directly or indirectly via


in mm_cfg.py/Defaults.py, then this is a cPanel issue.

Without actually modifying the code in Mailman/Cgi/listinfo.py, the
only way to change 'mailman' to 'webmaster' is to change the name of
the site list to 'webmaster' which I don't think you want to do.

As I suggested previously, the usual way to handle this is to subscribe
webmaster at greater-lansing.com to the site list.

Now if the addresses mailman at mail.greater-lansing.com and
mailman at greater-lansing.com just don't work because the site list is
mailman at some_other_domain, this is a cPanel problem. See

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