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Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Nov 9 06:21:41 CET 2005

Jared Rimer wrote:

>I don't understand the second paragraph.
>At 20:26 11/8/2005, you wrote:
>>Jared Rimer wrote:
>> >Would the Eudora redirect work?
>>It might. It removes a bunch of headers and replaces others and rewraps
>>the message body, but it might work. You could try it, but you'd never
>>know if it worked or not, since if the bounce were unrecognized, it
>>would just go to the list owner assuming the option to notify the list
>>owner was even selected.
>>The best thing is if the host is using VERP like envelope sender, and
>>you can determine the actual bouncing user's address, you could
>>redirect the notice to
>>listname-bounces+recipient=recipient.domain at list.domain, and then it
>>will always be recognized.
>>If the previous paragraph is not clear, check the Return-Path:, Sender:
>>or Errors-To: header in any message you have received from the
>>mailman-users at python.org list.

OK. I removed you from the To: list of this post so the copy you are
reading came to you from the list. The envelope was sent to you by
mailman-users-bounces+jrimer=tagline.cc at python.org which may be
reflected in a Return-Path: header in the message, and that address is
also in the Sender: and Errors-To: headers of the message. This is
called a VERP (Variable Envelope Return Path) like address. It is
"VERP like" because it is addressed that way by Mailman as opposed to
true VERP which would be done by the MTA.

If such a message bounces and is properly returned, it will be returned
to mailman-users-bounces+jrimer=tagline.cc at python.org which will be
delivered the same as if it were returned to
mailman-users-bounces at python.org, but the extra address information is
available to the bounce processor so it can unequivocally determin the
bouncing address.

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