[Mailman-Users] Different servers

Supras Consult post at supras.biz
Thu Nov 10 07:59:31 CET 2005

Being only 1 day old on this list, trying to figure what Mailman is, and
whether - as well as how - to use it, this is interesting. 

(1) My host is EarthLink, which is not listed on these pages. I clearly have
to contact EarthLink about this. What exactly do I ask them to find out
whether they host Mailman and, if so, under what conditions an/or

(2) I use WinXP, and, doing a search on this, the verdict does not appear
clear. Some seems to say Mailman works on all platforms, while others argue
against using, for example, WinXP?

Regards, Lars Soeftestad (post at supras.biz)
Kristiansand, Norway

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Benjamin Mack wrote:
>But anyway. Another question: Does anybody know good companies that 
>provide hosting w/ or specifically for mailman lists?


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