[Mailman-Users] redirection and firewall

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Nov 10 16:56:29 CET 2005

Lionel Roubeyrie wrote:

>I new in the mailman world, I installed it (mailman 2.1.1) on a RedHat ES3 
>server with apache and postfix.

Why 2.1.1? Current is 2.1.6.

>This server is on our local network, and the 
>network is behind a firewall. "pythie" (the local server) is the host for 
>several websites (internals) and mailman works fine in this configuration. 
>Now, on another server on the net, we have our official website 
>(http://www.limair.asso.fr) but the provider doesn't provide a mailing-list 
>server, then I want to redirect the users from the official website to our 
>local server when they want to subscribe to our mailinglist.
>To do so, I have opened the appropriate port on the firewall and redirect all 
>incoming requests to "pythie". The subscription page appears clearly and the 
>confirm-email is send to the user, but in the mail the user have to go to 
>http://pythie/mailman/confirm/... and not 
>Another thing is when the web-user connects on pythie and request the listinfo 
>page, he see the "firewall-IP Mailing Lists" and no mailing lists in the 
>list :-(
>What do I have to do, I search on the documentation but I don't find anything 
>for that case?

The second problem is easy to fix. Set


in mm_cfg.py, and all public lists will appear on all host's overview

The real solution to both problems however is to configure your local
network so that "pythie" is accessable from 'inside' via
www.limair.asso.fr, and configure Mailman so that everything is in
that domain. See

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