[Mailman-Users] Confirm Subscription by reply email fails -continued

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Nov 26 07:04:07 CET 2005

MailingList wrote:

>Further to my previous email
>Here are the details from the log file during the subscription process.
>Subscribe at website: as bitemike at netspace.net.au
>Nov 25 19:16:24 s1 sendmail[4104]: jAP8GOTq004104: 
>from=<pcv_info-bounces at hostnet.com.au>, 
>size=1712, class=-60, nrcpts=1,
>msgid=<mailman.0.1132906584.4103.pcv_info at hostnet.com.au>, 
>proto=ESMTP, daemon=MTA, relay=localhost.localdomain []
>Nov 25 19:16:25 s1 sendmail[4106]: jAP8GOTq004104:
>to=<bitemike at netspace.net.au>, 
>ctladdr=<pcv_info-bounces at hostnet.com.au> (502/501), delay=00:00:01,
>mailer=esmtp, pri=139712, relay=mail-in.netspace.net.au. [],
>dsn=2.0.0, s
>tat=Sent (Ok: queued as 0AD731A408A)
>Reply to email sent to bitemike at netspace.net.au
>Nov 25 19:22:45 s1 sendmail[4117]: jAP8MjQL004117:
>from=<bitemike at netspace.net.au>, 
>size=2162, class=0, nrcpts=1,
>msgid=<20051125082150.B50A37C59F at mail.netspace.net.au>, 
>proto=ESMTP, daemon=MTA, relay=cumulus.netspace.net.au []
>Nov 25 19:22:45 s1 sendmail[4118]: jAP8MjQL004117:
>to=<pcv_info-request at hostnet.com.au>, 
>delay=00:00:00, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=local, pri=32383, dsn=2.0.0,

The reply is sent to the correct place
<pcv_info-request at hostnet.com.au>.

Did you get a 'results of your email commands' reply? If so, what did
it say?

>Check website and find no addition to member list. New member not processed
>or added to member list.
>Details from subscribe log file.
>Nov 25 19:16:24 2005 (4103) pcv_info: pending Mike Wharton
><bitemike at netspace.net.au>

The confirmation message from Mailman has

Subject: confirm <token>

where <token> is a string of 40 hex digits. This subject must be
maintained in the reply. The email request processing understands that
the responding MUA (email client) might make the subject into

Subject Re: confirm <token>

so if the first word of the subject is not a command ('confirm' in this
case), it strips off the first word and tries again. This will work
with a subject like 'Re: confirm <token>', but some MUAs are known to
make a subject like

Subject Re : confirm <token>

or in some other way put two 'words' before 'confirm', and this doesn't

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