[Mailman-Users] Will Mailman do what I want?

David Teall ukwebuser at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 3 17:16:53 CEST 2005

I am looking for suitable Mailing List software to use on a Sailing Club
website. The features I require are:

• The ability to utilise our on-line database, which includes a User
Name, Password and email address for every member, as the basis for
membership of the List rather than a separate inbuilt database.

• The ability to configure the List so that clicking on ‘Reply’
addresses the reply back to the list *and* to the author of the message.

• A web page where members can read current messages and archives.

• The ability to customise which messages members can opt to receive to
include the following options:
• No Messages I will read all messages on the web.
• Level 1 Delivery ‘Special Messages’ only i.e. messages from the List
• Level 2 Delivery ‘Special Messages’ plus new questions from othermembers.
• Level 3 Delivery All messages.

I should be most grateful if someone could let me know which of these
features Mailman provides as it stands and which it might be
possible to provide by suitable mods.

Note: As a Sailing Club we have a special consideration which is behind
many of the requirements listed above. When our members are away
cruising they only have access to email by the use of an expensive
mobile phone link so they need to keep the number of messages down.
Opting for Level 2 Delivery and receiving answers to their own questions
direct would keep the number of messages to a minimum but still them
fully in touch.


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