[Mailman-Users] Troubleshooting install: dealing with 10.0.0.n (local server address)

Dirk van Oosterbosch, IR labs labs at ixopusada.com
Thu Oct 6 22:51:59 CEST 2005

Hi All,

I've hit a couple of problems, when trying to install Mailman on my 
server. Let's start with the biggest stumbling block:
I cannot get the web interface to work from the local network where the 
server is running.

I configured mailman with my subdomain host name, like this:
	DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'mysubdomain.ourdomain.com'
	DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'mysubdomain.ourdomain.com'
(in mm_cfg.py)

However when I want to access my server from my local network, I have 
to go to http://10.0.0.n/ (where n is always the same static number), 
because my router would not understand 
http://mysubdomain.ourdomain.com. (The router forwards all the needed 
ports to 10.0.0.n and the server knows it is mysubdomain.ourdomain.com 
to the outside world). This delivers no problems with any of my 
applications so far. Until now. http://10.0.0.n/mailman/admin returns a 
page and also http://10.0.0.n/mailman/create shows the returns the 
right page, but all the links on those pages refer to 
mysubdomain.ourdomain.com instead of 10.0.0.n. Also the buttons 
("submit changes" or "create list") post to mysubdomain.ourdomain.com, 
which renders the web interface useless.

Is there anyway I can keep these default email and url hosts and still 
have those web interface pages respond correctly browsing them through 


Dirk van Oosterbosch
de Wittenstraat 225
1052 AT Amsterdam
the Netherlands


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