[Mailman-Users] hiding sender on announce only

Stephanie Westbrook steph at webfabbrica.com
Sun Oct 9 09:55:33 CEST 2005


I have a mailing list that should be of the announcement only type. I 
have it setup to hide the sender and there will only be a few of us 
with permission to post to the list.

So sender is hidden, reply to headers are stripped and reply to is set 
to explicit. 

The problem with this is that members will surely want to reply on 
occasion, to ask a question or comment. They wouldn't be replying 
to the list, of course (also because they can't) but to the admin of 
the organization. And they are used to being able to do this since 
the mailing list is currently just a distribution list in one members 
mail client. So messages to the list go out as "from at dom.ain" and 
people can just reply.

So unless the make sure to click the reply all in their mail client they 
will just be replying to the list. I have it set so that moderated 
members receive a nice message saying the list is read only and to 
communicate with the organization they need to write to 
from at dom.ain not the list. And I can explain all this in the first 
message that goes out.

But is there a better way?



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