[Mailman-Users] hiding sender on announce only

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Oct 9 16:30:23 CEST 2005

Stephanie Westbrook wrote:
>So sender is hidden, reply to headers are stripped and reply to is set 
>to explicit. 

Yes, see below.

>The problem with this is that members will surely want to reply on 
>occasion, to ask a question or comment. They wouldn't be replying 
>to the list, of course (also because they can't) but to the admin of 
>the organization. And they are used to being able to do this since 
>the mailing list is currently just a distribution list in one members 
>mail client. So messages to the list go out as "from at dom.ain" and 
>people can just reply.
>So unless the make sure to click the reply all in their mail client they 
>will just be replying to the list.

Unless they have really pathological MUAs (e-mail clients), a simple
"reply" will go to the explicit address set in reply_to_address.

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