[Mailman-Users] Fw: can't get replies back from list mailing...

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at fyrenice.com
Wed Oct 12 07:25:03 CEST 2005

> Then I don't know why your post had no content other than a "-- " line,
> but it did have a "X-Content-Filtered-By: Mailman/MimeDel 2.1.6"
> indicating that there was a non text/plain part removed.
> Both the original message and the message to which I'm replying
> indicate "User-Agent: Mutt/1.5.9i" and the latter message is a single
> text/plain part, so I can't explain what happened with the original.

I am not too worried about the content issue for now. It's on the back
burner for now. 

> There is some issue with the configuration of the incoming MTA. If you
> are saying you can post to the list by mailing to test59 at fyrenice.com,
> then presumably you have something (aliases) in the MTA that can pipe
> this address to Mailman, but it seems that perhaps whatever it is only
> works for mail originating from the localhost and not from outside.
> If you create the test59 user, then presumably the mail is delivered to
> that users mailbox, but that doesn't get it to Mailman.

My MTA, exim4, does seem to get the mail out, but can't get it back in to
the right place. Obviously, I run Mutt and it works fine, in both
directions, just not in feeding the email to the various MM lists on my

> Comments at the front of Mailman/Queue/IncomingRunner.py give a rough
> idea of the flow of messages through Mailman. In addition to what's
> there, are the facts that a message to be sent out from Mailman is
> delivered via SMTP to the outgoing MTA and then by the MTA to the
> recipients. A reply back to the list is received by the incoming MTA
> and piped to the mail wrapper with the appropriate action and listname
> arguments. It is this last bit that apparently isn't working in your
> case, at least for mail originating outside localhost.

I checked the IncomingRunner.py to get a better idea. It's helpful, but
still leaves me in the dark as to why my messages with MM are getting

I notice that in some of my lists, I click on the Archives, and see messages
from several months back, while with others, for example, newer lists, there
is no archive, but instead this error message: 

	Not Found

	The requested URL /pipermail/bonez/ was not found on this server.
	Apache/2.0.54 (Debian GNU/Linux) mod_python/3.1.3 Python/2.3.5
	PHP/4.3.10-16 mod_perl/1.999.21 Perl/v5.8.4 Server at fyrenice.com
	Port 80

Does this suggestion I have troubles just with this 'bonez' list or with
pipermail installation as well? With an older list, that I have used more,
the archives open up and list several months. which leads to one final

I read the archives at the mailman site at times, and notice the site is
magically able to list communications 20 years into the future, a la ...
	April 2024:
	June 2013:

Any idea how those folks at Mailman can see so far into the future? I'd bet
they are working on the side for a few stock brokers...or for Madam LaRue,
the local Psychic!


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