[Mailman-Users] Fw: can't get replies back from list mailing...

Jim Tittsler jwt at onjapan.net
Wed Oct 12 08:57:41 CEST 2005

On Oct 12, 2005, at 14:25, Dr. Scott S. Jones wrote:
> My MTA, exim4, does seem to get the mail out, but can't get it back  
> in to
> the right place. Obviously, I run Mutt and it works fine, in both
> directions, just not in feeding the email to the various MM lists  
> on my
> system.

If the problem is with mail to aliases other than the bare listname,  
double check the local_part_suffixes in your Mailman router in your  
Exim configuration.

> I notice that in some of my lists, I click on the Archives, and see  
> messages
> from several months back, while with others, for example, newer  
> lists, there
> is no archive, but instead this error message:
>     Not Found

Is the difference between those lists with public and private  
archives?  (If so, and it is the public archives that are missing,  
make sure you have your web server configured to have the option  
FollowSymLinks, at least for your mailman/archives/public tree.)

> I read the archives at the mailman site at times, and notice the  
> site is
> magically able to list communications 20 years into the future, a  
> la ...
>     April 2024:
>     June 2013:
> Any idea how those folks at Mailman can see so far into the future?  
> I'd bet

By changing ARCHIVER_CLOBBER_DATE_POLICY in your mm_cfg.py you can  
avoid relying on the user supplied Date:.  Setting it to '2' allows  
only munging the date if it is outside the limits defined by the  
ARCHIVER_ALLOWABLE_SANE_DATE_SKEW variable.  (See the documentation  
in your Defaults.py file.)

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