[Mailman-Users] My list members don't recive mail sent to thier list

quiuqee at montevideo.com.uy quiuqee at montevideo.com.uy
Thu Oct 13 21:01:14 CEST 2005

Mailman’s question:

I have a terrible problem with mailman (after a few days, it’s driving me
crazy): It doesn’t deliver mail to list members. Can someone help me? Below I
give more details of what the problem is. Thank you very much for reading my

I’m running mailman 2.1.5, exim 4.50, python 2.3, Apache2, over debian sarge
stable (all packages installed from debian dsitribution through apt-get). I’ve
carefully followed all the instructions in the README, README.DEBIAN and
README.EXIM files. Also I read the 1.7 question of  “The whole mailman FAQ”, but
I couldn’t solve the problem just with it.

I’ve created a list called “listaquique” (plus the requiread  “mailman” one),
and the domain where lists are defined is “sempronlistas.com”. Finally I defined
4 members of listaquique. All this was done through shell commands. I configured
listaquique not to require moderator approval to posting the mail (as it comes
by default).

The problem is that members don’t receive any mail from their lists (neither do
the subscription ones, nor the bounces, etc). 

When I send a message to listaquique at sempronlistas.com from a member through a
mail client:
1) Exim’s mainlog file says: “ 
 message-id => listaquique
<listaquique at semrponlistas.com> R=mailman_routter T= mailman_transport 

2) Mailman’s post log file says: “
.. (1502) post to listaquique from 
, size=

.., message-id=
.., success”
3) Mailman’s smtp log file says:”
.smtp for 4 recips, completed in 10.029 seconds ”
4) Mailman’s smtp-failure log file says: “SMTP session failure:501,
<listaquique-bounces at sempronlistas.com>: domain missing or malformed 
5) Nor exim’s mainlog nor exim’s reject log mention nothing about mailman trying
to send the messages to the four members of the list
6) Besides that, messages are correctly posted in the list’s archives (through
the web)

It seems that mailman can’t send out the messages to the members of the list
through exim. Furthermore, exim doesn’t even notice that mailman is trying to
send outgoing mail through it (is mailman supposed to send the outgoing mail
through exim?, or does it send it by himself (using the smtpd python module)?).

In the former case, I don’t know what interface mailman uses to send outgoing
mail to exim:
-Perhaps it uses batch mode, and perhaps this mode errors don’t figure on exim
-I think that if mailman uses the smtp interface through the local loop, at
least some error like “domain missing or malformed” should appear on exim logs.

I searched the domains involved and found that: 
-the domains on the member’s addresses are all correct.
-I don’t know what recipient figures when mailman sends mail to the members, but
I suppose it’s listaquique at sempronlistas.com, which has an existent and
correctly qualified domain.

It’s important to say that the problem also appears when running directly “cat
message |  mailman post listaquique” command, being such message, a valid
message from a list member stored in a file. This leads me to think that it’s a
mailman’s problem in sending outgoing mail, not an exim’s problem in contacting
mailman when it identifies mail sent to  mailing-lists.

 I give details of the different packages and system configuration:

Exim configuration:
As I said before, I don’t think the problem is exim, bust just in case here is
some detail of the exim’s configuration I’m using:

1) I’ve defined the four macros mentioned in the README.EXIM file:
MAILMAN_HOME = /var/lib/mailman
2) I’ve included the mailman_transport and mailman_router mentioned in README.EXIM

Also in a desperate attempt, I defined list (mailman’s system user) as a
trusted-user (although I notice that wasn’t the problem because when I “su list”
from command line, I sent mail through exim perfectly). 

Mailman configuration:
In mm_cfg.py I defined the following:

DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = ‘sempronlistas.com’
DEFAULT_URL_-HOST = ‘www.sempronmailman.com’ # This is the url of the #localhost
I use for mailman, which works perfectly well (I can access the web interface,
#configure the list and also watch the posted messages)
MTA = None #(I’ve also tried commenting this out with the same results)

Searching the Defaults.py, I’ve found a SMTPPORT=0, which I changed to
SMTPPORT=25 with the same results. 

Mailman’s verifications:
When I ran check_perms script, it says: “No problems found” (obtaining this
answer by running some chmod’s commands on some directories).
When I ran check_db script, it says: “Nothing to do”.

Process details:
When I ran “ps –aux”, I can see the following process related with mailman, all
running by the “list” user:
-qrunner –runner=ArchRunner
-qrunner –runner=BounceRunner
-qrunner –runner=CommandRunner
-qrunner –runner=IncommingRunner
-qrunner –runner=NewsRunner
-qrunner –runner=OutgoingRunner
-qrunner –runner=VirginRunner
-qrunner –runner=RetryRunner

When I ran “crontab –u list -l”, it says: “no crontab for list”. 

As I understood reading the documentation, this is fine because the “qrunners”
alive in ram are supposed to remove mailman’’s dependency on cron for sending

Besides this, I read the crontab file, and all cronjobs were related to other
purposes than to deliver messages to list members (checkdb, disabled,
senddigests, mailpasswds, gate-news, nightly_gzip).

System aliases details:
Although I think this is unnecessary, because exim’s transport takes care of the
suffixes when executing mailman’s commands, I defined all the system aliases
required for “listaquique” and “mailman” lists in the /etc/aliases, and
afterwords run “newaliases” command.

Other questions:

I wonder where I can access some mailman documentation so as to answer the
following questions:

I’ve read somewhere that milman uses an external MTA running on the localhost on
port 25. Is this right or not? 

What does mailman has to do with de smtpd python module? What is that SMTPPORT=0
on Defaults.py. Shouldn’t it be 25?

I understand that the existence of qrunners eliminates some mailman’s dependence
on cron. Is this right?

Where can I read the mailman’s architecture? : What exactly each qrunner is
supposed to do? Also: What is mailmanctl daemon supposed to do?


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