[Mailman-Users] Monthly password reminders not working

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Oct 20 07:44:35 CEST 2005

Darren G Pifer wrote:
>> I added this to my version of mailpasswds at line 237:
>>     print "msg=%s" % (msg)
>>     msg.send(sitelist, **{'errorsto': sitebounce,
>>                           '_nolist' : 1,
>>                           'verp'    : mm_cfg.VERP_PASSWORD_REMINDERS,
>>                          })
>Just to let everyone know, for grins and giggles, I changed the msg.send
>line to:
>and it sent the password reminder. Now I must find out why the original
>code did not work. Can someone who knows python tell me what the second
>argument to msg.send is doing?

It is adding those three items and values to the message metadata (the
msgdata dictionary). I think 'errorsto' once was used to set the
Errors-To: header, but this is now set unconditionally to the envelope
sender in SMTPDirect.py and 'errorsto' is ignored. '_nolist' : 1
causes CookHeaders.py to skip adding rfc 2369 headers. 'verp'    :
mm_cfg.VERP_PASSWORD_REMINDERS sets VERP delivery based on the value
of VERP_PASSWORD_REMINDERS in mm_cfg.py or Defaults.py.

>Also, were there changes in the code
>from 2.1.6b4 (our current version) to 2.1.6 for mailpasswds? We will be
>upgrading soon but I wonder if we should do it sooner rather than later.

No. there were no changes in mailpasswds from 2.1.6b1 through the 2.1.6
final release.
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