[Mailman-Users] webserver

Gerrit Bosch gerrit.bosch at hometa.biz
Thu Oct 20 14:02:29 CEST 2005

I am very new to Mailman, which I am trying to set up on my G4 mac with 
OSX server. With the 'built-in' Apache/1.3.33 webserver I am able to 
see the Mailman webpages. On the same server a Apache/2.0.52 webserver 
is runningwhich I normally use for my websites. Running both webservers 
on the same machine is no option, so how can I tell Mailman to switch 
to the other webserver eg. how do I instruct Apache/2 where to find the 
mailman webpages.

Hopefully anybody can help me out.

Gerrit Bosch.

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