[Mailman-Users] Setting-up cascading, filtering list designs

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Oct 23 20:52:31 CEST 2005

David wrote:
>MY FIRST QUESTION: Could anyone suggest the answer, or give me any tips 
>to get me further down the road?

I think Tokio's suggestion is the way to go on this. As Brad suggests,
you can do it with procmail ahead of Mailman, but that is much less
transparent than header_filter_rules and more work to setup and

>MY SECOND QUESTION: How do I get CVS to report on activity to the 
>Mailman pnlanguages-cvsnotices list?

See Cederqvist, section 10.4 (Multiple developers->Informing others
about commits) and section C.7 (Reference manual for Administrative
files->Loginfo), or see the 'Commit Emails' section on pg 120 of _Open
Source Development with CVS_, 3rd ed.

>MY THIRD QUESTION: How do I configure pnlanguages-cvsnotices and these 
>subproject lists so that pnlanguages-cvsnotices reports ALL CVS 
>activity, but so that the subproject lists such as pnlanguages-cvs-fra 
>(for instance) only report on CVS activity involving files in their own 
>CVS module?

You can set this up in CVS so CVS mails any commits in a subproject
directory to the appropriate subproject list and mails ALL commits to
the pnlanguages-cvsnotices list.

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