[Mailman-Users] some lists cannot receive emails after acrash(Incorrect padding)

jay alvarez qmailb0y at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 24 05:07:14 CEST 2005

Hi Mark,

> I think the offending list/lists has/have a corrupt
> digest.mbox file
> that was being written when the system crashed.
> Either that or a bad
> message has gotten into the file.
> Look at lists/<list_name>/digest.mbox. The last
> message is probably
> truncated. If you move it aside and then run
> bin/unshunt to reprocess
> the messages in the shunt queue, things will
> probably get going
> normally again, but the initial messages in the old
> digest.mbox will
> be missing from the next digest. 

I need your help badly, after following your advice,
all of the old emails addressed to that particular
mailing list have been recent again... the amount is
enourmous that I have to stop the mailman and the
qmail processes in order to stop the unwanted
resending of emails. It wouldn't be that long til' our
bosses aproach us and... arrgh.. dont wanna think
about it now....

What should I do... the email server has just newly
been turned over to me by the former administrator and
I'm still trying to familiarize myself with various
components.. help me please....

> If this is important, you could try
> to edit digest.mbox and remove the offending message
> instead of moving
> the file aside.
> If this is not the problem with the lists not
> processing, it may be
> that they are locked. Look in Mailman's locks/
> directory and manually
> remove the old lock files.
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