[Mailman-Users] some lists cannot receive emails after acrash(Incorrect padding)

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Oct 24 05:44:40 CEST 2005

jay alvarez wrote:
>I need your help badly, after following your advice,
>all of the old emails addressed to that particular
>mailing list have been recent again... the amount is
>enourmous that I have to stop the mailman and the
>qmail processes in order to stop the unwanted
>resending of emails.

With Mailman and qmail stopped, look at the queues (qfiles/*). New
messages will not be arriving in qfiles/in, but there may be new,
unprocessed messages there. There may be unwanted messages in
qfiles/out and/or qfiles/retry and possibly still in qfiles/in. You
can view the messages in the queues (*.pck files) with
bin/show_qfiles, and just delete the ones you don't want (you could
have deleted unwanted messages from qfiles/shunt before running
bin/unshunt, but too late for that now).

Other messages may be queued in qmail. I fact, all the messages may
have already been delivered from Mailman to qmail. I don't know
specifically how to delete messages from qmail queues.

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