[Mailman-Users] Migrating lists from old system

Dwight Tovey dwight at dtovey.net
Mon Oct 24 06:24:11 CEST 2005

Mark Sapiro said:
> Dwight Tovey wrote:
>>I have some lists running on a system with Mailman 2.0.13.  I have
>>installed Mailman 2.1.6 on a new system and I would like to move the
>>existing lists to the new system.  This will be a replacement system, so
>>the domain names will remain the same.
>>I used config_list on the old system to dump the configuration to a file,
>>and to import the configuration on the new system.  I moved the archive
>>messages over, and it looks like I can access them OK.  list_members and
>>add_members let me move the subscribers to the new system.
>>The only thing I think is left is individual subscriber configuration
>>options.  However, I don't see anything obvious for moving that over.
>> Any
> The preferred method is to move the lists/listname/* files over, rather
> than moving the list configuration and membership as you did.

Not a problem.  I'm still running on the old system, so I can blow
everything away on the new system and start over (I should have said I
copied the archives instead of moved them).  Right now I'm just trying to
make sure that I have the procedures in place.  When I'm set I'll stop
smtp on the old system, transfer everything to the new system, and reset
the DNS pointers to the new one.  I want to make this as transparent as
possible for the users, so I'm testing the hell out of everything before I
make the switch.

Thanks for the info.  Will Mailman translate the config.db files to


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