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Cathy Slayman mcs at mchsi.com
Thu Oct 27 21:26:11 CEST 2005

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Troy Cranford wrote:
>It got to the point where I just switched web hosts (now bluehost.com) to
>see if we could resolve the problem.  Now I seem to get better coverage of
>the 550 users and, in fact, am now sending to some of the users that were
>not getting our posts before but I'm still not hitting everyone.
>Any ideas from ANYONE would be greatly appreciated.  My web host's support
>is next to useless but if someone has something for me to ask I'll send in
>the support request.

I can't see where the techincal suggestions have helped you fix your problem 
or not.  Having just gone through this, and being computer and programing 
challenged I offer my experience.  We set up a list with in excess of 700 
members that average 80 posts a day.  We actualy moved the membership list 
from a majordomo list to our shared server.  When we were getting 
practically no mail delivered, to the list as well as to list members, and 
all but pulling our hair out, we were finally told by our hosting company 
that the list would not work on the shared server we were on!  The server 
settings only allowed 350 posts an hour to or from any given domain email 

After purchasing a dedicated server, and putting the domain and list on a 
dedicated IP, things improved a lot.  However, we continued to have some 
serious problems with mail delivery.  Bounces were driving us nuts.  Now 
that we have ferreted out all the member addresses that are not longer 
valid, shortened the time a given message can stay in the mail queue, 
discovered that some email accounts have a from and slightly different reply 
to address  and making a subscription for the reply to address, setting that 
one to no mail, we are now enjoying the list.

I hope I have not given bad suggestions and this helps if you are still 
having problems.


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