[Mailman-Users] Mailman setup

gtsubs at tpg.com.au gtsubs at tpg.com.au
Sun Oct 30 07:48:49 CET 2005

We have been using Mailman for about 18 months as a read only list for members
of our volunteer organisation.

After a short while we started getting complaints that members were not
receiving their e-mails, but could never find a reason why.

We happened on the reason recently...  Discussion with our web host on another
subject, revealed that our mailserver is set to limit outgoing e-mail to 500 per
hour as an anti-spam measure. As our mailing list now has about 1000 names on
it, half of them are getting their mail dumped by the server every time we send

Our host is unwilling to alter the server settings.  Is there any way Mailman
can be set to  "batch process" a single post? (ie, can we send the list one
mail, and have it send out the first 450 mails right away, then the next 450 an
hour later, etc. until all are gone? We want to leave a 50 e-mail margin for
error, and so we can still send ordinary mail in the hours after a mailout.)



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