[Mailman-Users] Authenticate mailman subscribers to wiki

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Oct 30 18:58:32 CET 2005

Nick Urbanik wrote:

>I want to use the same email address and passwords used by mailman to
>authenticate users of an Apache 2.x driven web site to particular web
>pages.  In particular, I thought I'd set up some Moinmoin wikis for
>mailman subscribers for corresponding lists to be able to edit.
>Any pointers to how to go about that?  Can mailman easily export/make
>available its email addresses and passwords for use by Apache?

You could (for example) modify the bin/list_members script to list
passwords or just strip it down and make it get the passwords  - using
the mlist.getMemberPassword(member) method - and produce something
which can be easily processed in a shell script to make an
AuthUserFile file which you would reference from a .htaccess file.

Or you could probably make a single Python script to create the
AuthUserFile file directly.

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