[Mailman-Users] Setting up an archive list - reprise!

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Oct 31 03:08:21 CET 2005

Horse wrote:
>Apologies if this is another dumb question.
>The fix below works fine if I set "General Options / Hide the sender of 
>a message, replacing it with the list address" to 'yes' so that the list 
>name appears in the 'From:' field, but if I set it to 'no' so that the 
>'From:' field is the name of the member then again it gets held for 
>moderator approval. Is there some way of getting mailman to pass posts 
>through based on either the 'Reply To:' or the 'To' field.

You can't use the To:

If you have a fixed Reply-To: on messages from the main list, you
should be able to make that address a member of the archive list with
delivery disabled and have posts from the main list accepted by the
archive list.

There are at least two other things that can be done in your particular
case, i.e. main list on a host service, archive list on your own box.

1) you can set USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER = Yes on the archive box. The
envelope sender of the posts to be archived will be
main-bounces at domain. You can make that address a list member with
delivery disabled and the posts should be accepted. Actually, this
shouldn't even be necessary as long as SENDER_HEADERS, which is by
default, ('from', None, 'reply-to', 'sender') is not changed. The
default setting of SENDER_HEADERS means that a post should be accepted
as long as one of From:, envelope sender, Reply-To: or Sender: is a
list member.

2) you can open the archive list to anyone by setting Privacy
options...->Sender filters->generic_nonmember_action to Accept. I
don't actually suggest this as it opens the archive to spam.

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