[Mailman-Users] Web admin slow

Jon Harris j.harris at digital-ink.co.uk
Fri Sep 2 18:47:49 CEST 2005

Hi List

I have a (bit aged) Redhat 9 box (Pentium II/512Mb RAM) running Mailman
2.1.6 with Postfix. Its only has to run a single moderated mailing list
sending out one email every day to around 20,000 subscribers.

Sending out the emails is not problem - it works great. The major
problem is logging in to approve the email. It (Apache/2.0.40) is so
slow that it usually  times out with a 500 error after you try and

Is there a way of speeding up the web interface?
Can I approve postings from the command line?

There is a large archive as they have been running this for around 3
years. Will it speed up if we trash part of the archive. If so how can I
trash archived data that is (say) over a year old?

There was a thread on this problem, but it was not really resolved, and
that user had 450,000 subscribers.

Any help appreciated.

Jon Harris

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