[Mailman-Users] Complaints about MM 2.1.6b4

Darren G Pifer dpifer at odu.edu
Thu Sep 8 15:43:25 CEST 2005

Thanks for the info. I will pass this onto the list admin.

On Tue, 2005-09-06 at 10:29, Brad Knowles wrote:

> >  The newest problem is:  Because Classroom is a shared email account, it
> >  shows the "real sender" - who is a member of the list with a check-mark
> >  in the MOD box, so it holds the email and waits for administrator
> >  approval.
> 	Make sure that your MUA properly uses the desired sender address 
> as both the envelope sender and in the header "From:" and "Sender:" 
> fields.
> 	Or, go into your mm_cfg.py file and change what fields you look 
> at for determining list membership.  If you don't have explicit 
> settings for this, see the examples from Defaults.py, then copy them 
> over to mm_cfg.py and change as necessary for your installation.

These are settings for envelope sender from Defaults.py which is looking
like it is doing the right thing.

# The envelope sender is set by the SMTP delivery and is thus less
# spoofed than the sender, which is typically just taken from the From:
# and thus easily spoofed by the end-user.  However, sometimes the
# sender isn't set correctly and this will manifest itself by postings
# held for approval even if they appear to come from a list member.  If
# are having this problem, set this variable to No, but understand that
# spoofed messages may get through.

How can we confirm that the MUA is doing the right thing? Would this be
one of the mailers sendmail would be using, like mlocal?

Old Dominion University

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