[Mailman-Users] Complaints about MM 2.1.6b4

Darren G Pifer dpifer at odu.edu
Fri Sep 9 21:44:27 CEST 2005

Hello Brad,

      I don't want you to get in the middle of something between the
list administrator and myself, however, I just want this issue to be
clear. The list admin still has problems with the way the new mailman
handles mail she sends to her list and gets held for a list admins
approval. Her response to your answer is below highlighted by *****
characters. Just so that I understand this correctly, I believe she is
saying is that if she is a member of her own list, she still has to
approve the message before it goes out. If she was not a member of list
and was in the non-member list of addresses for her list, then the mail
would go out without approval. I don't know this affects MM processing,
if the member address member name has the mod flag set, and she sends
to her list, will it still be held for approval?

On Tue, 2005-09-06 at 10:29, Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 10:08 AM -0400 2005-09-06, Darren G Pifer wrote:
> >  The old system had a box to enter addresses for all people who can post
> >  to the list without administrator approval.  We were able to "copy and
> >  paste" the same list into each list serve. The "box" does not exist in
> >  the new system.
> 	Yes, it does.  Go to the web admin interface for your list.  Go 
> to the "Privacy options..." section.  From there, go down to the 
> "Sender filters" sub-page.  The second box down from the top will 
> have the description "List of non-member addresses whose postings 
> should be automatically accepted."  That's what you want.

***** - the operative words in this case are NON-MEMBER ADDRESSES.
If you want to be a MEMBER so you can receive emails, you cannot be a
NON-MEMBER in this box.  The MEMBER options override the entry in the
NON-MEMBER box.  We tried adding me as a non-member and it still
did not work.  I am a MEMBER in each listserve. *****


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