[Mailman-Users] Saving attachments

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Sep 17 01:01:24 CEST 2005

Elvis Fernandes wrote:

> Yes I am using 2.1.6 and now I find these variables in Defaults.py.
>I updated the following in mm_cfg.py
># Refer Defaults.py
># Refer Defaults.py
> And restarted mailman (/etc/init.d/mailman restart)
>I send a new email attachment, but still am unable to save the attachment
>with the same name.

I may not understand what you actually want. When you say you are
"unable to save the attachment with the same name.", what exactly do
you mean.

Are you referring to the name that Mailman chooses for saving an
attachment scrubbed from the archives and digest and perhaps from
messages if you've configured that? If so, then




in mm_cfg.py should make this name close to the name of the attachment
although leading dots and characters except alphanumerics, dash,
underscore, and (non-leading)dot will be removed from the name. If
this editing is the problem you have, you can't change it because the
name must be made safe for use in a URL.

If this is not your issue, then you'll have to be more specific about
what you're doing and seeing.

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