[Mailman-Users] recommendations for adding conditional search form to archive template?

michael dunston mdunston at music.vt.edu
Sat Sep 24 04:38:21 CEST 2005

I would like to add a search form to some, but not all, of the archive TOC pages.  It looks like the most logical place to add the search form code would be the $prefix/templates/*/archtoc.html file, but I'm not sure how I would make this list-specific.  I thought I might try an IF statement <http://python.org/doc/2.4.1/ref/if.html> to only include a form when %(listname) matches a desired list, but I cant seem to get the syntax right.

Another idea that I though was to change the indexer so that:
    $prefix/templates/*/archtoc.html -> $prefix/archive/private/*/index.php
 rather than
    $prefix/templates/*/archtoc.html -> $prefix/archive/private/*/index.html
which would also allow me to dynamically include search forms dynamically with PHP but I'm not sure if/how that would be done either.  

Any suggestions or direction would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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