[Mailman-Users] changing config.pck values? (I'm in a pickle)

David Herron davidh at 7gen.com
Mon Sep 26 20:16:09 CEST 2005

I've been using mailman for a few years to manage a couple mailing lists,
but I just now subscribed to this list.

Over the weekend I moved my lists from one server to another.  The process
was fairly painless ... I just packed up the archives and lists
directories and copied those over to a new server.  I even upgraded from
2.1.5 to 2.1.6 at the same time.  And the lists are functioning great in
the new location but for one thing.

The new server is configured using Plesk, and Plesk sets up the mailman
admin pages on http://lists.mydomain.xyz

On my old server I'd done it all myself, and they were set up on

This means the config.pck file from my old server has this value:
          'web_page_url': 'http://healership.com/mailman/',

Whereas the config.pck file generated on my new server has this value:
           'web_page_url': 'http://lists.healership.com/mailman/',

I want to use the old config.pck because that's the one that has all my
members and other settings.  It looks to me that all I have to do is
change the web_page_url value.  One can easily dump the .pck file using
this dump command, but I don't know how to "undump" it.

I searched in the archives and found this answer:

But the bin/move_list script doesn't exist.

So, as that guy asked 3 yrs ago, how the heck do you undump one of these
.pck files???

Oh, and I know nothing about Python ... so when the usage message for the
dump command says it dumps a "python pickle" that doesn't tell me
anything, and only makes me think of the old Arlo Guthrie song about "I
don't wanna die, I just wanna ride my motorcy-le" ...

Maybe there's something in python to deal with them pickle things, but I
sure as heck don't know what it would be.

- David Herron

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