[Mailman-Users] doesn't work...

kalin mintchev kalin at el.net
Fri Sep 30 04:23:13 CEST 2005

> Because the method which is used to remove the member is more general
> than that.

aha...  ok.

> It appears something is messed up in the lists config.pck or perhaps
> there is a transparent character or something similar in the actual
> member address.

right. but grep didn't find it either... so it's not there.

> Try:
> bin/withlist aaac
> Loading list aaac (unlocked)
> The variable `m' is the aaac MailList instance

i used that to delete the address a few times. btw - is there a list
somewhere of all the commands that can be used while running withlist?

> and see what is returned (type control-D to the next >>> prompt)
> Or try bin/dumpdb lists/aaac/config.pck and look at the lists
> 'members':

did that earlier... john is not there

> and
> 'digest_members':

there are no digests on this list...

> If possible, do this from a terminal/console that can display
> 'transparent' characters.

right... that was done too...

> OTOH, since you've already blown off the membership, why not just use
> bin/config_list -o to dump the configuration, and remove, recreate the
> list, and use bin/config_list -i to reconfigure the list?

because it's heavily customized and i'm just 'kinda helping' and there was
stuff that needed to be sent 'right away'...  like 'urgent'...


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