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Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] doesn't work...
   From: "kalin mintchev" <kalin at el.net>
   Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 22:23:13 -0400 (EDT)
     To: "Mark Sapiro" <msapiro at value.net>
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>> Because the method which is used to remove the member is more general
>> than that.
>aha...  ok.
>> It appears something is messed up in the lists config.pck or perhaps
>> there is a transparent character or something similar in the actual
>> member address.
>right. but grep didn't find it either... so it's not there.
>> Try:
>> bin/withlist aaac
>> Loading list aaac (unlocked)
>> The variable `m' is the aaac MailList instance
>i used that to delete the address a few times. btw - is there a list
>somewhere of all the commands that can be used while running withlist?

No list. Some is knowing some python and knowing the names of list
attributes, e.g. from the admin interface. Some is looking at modules
like MailList.py, OldStyleMemberships.py, etc. and seeing what methods
are available or looking at scripts in bin/ and elsewhere and seeing
what they do.

Are you saying that the above returns an empty list?? How can that be?
bin/remove_members -a does this

       if all:
           addresses = mlist.getMembers()

           for addr in addresses:
               if not mlist.isMember(addr):
                   if not alllists:
                       print _('No such member: %(addr)s')
               mlist.ApprovedDeleteMember(addr, 'bin/remove_members',
                                          admin_notif, userack)
               if alllists:
                   print _("User `%(addr)s' removed from list:

It is failing on the

               mlist.ApprovedDeleteMember(addr, 'bin/remove_members',
                                          admin_notif, userack)

It doesn't get to that unless the address is in the mlist.getMembers()
list and also passes the mlist.isMember(addr) test which means it is
in either the mlist.members list or the mlist.digest_members list.

>> and see what is returned (type control-D to the next >>> prompt)
>> Or try bin/dumpdb lists/aaac/config.pck and look at the lists
>> 'members':
>did that earlier... john is not there
>> and
>> 'digest_members':
>there are no digests on this list...

That doesn't mean there aren't digest_members.
>> If possible, do this from a terminal/console that can display
>> 'transparent' characters.
>right... that was done too...
>> OTOH, since you've already blown off the membership, why not just use
>> bin/config_list -o to dump the configuration, and remove, recreate the
>> list, and use bin/config_list -i to reconfigure the list?
>because it's heavily customized

That's the point about dumping the configuration with bin/config_list
and then restoring it later. This preserves all the customization.

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