[Mailman-Users] doesn't work...

kalin mintchev kalin at el.net
Fri Sep 30 08:03:04 CEST 2005

> Are you saying that the above returns an empty list?? How can that be?

no, no...  there are all there - about 1600 or so...  but the john guy
isn't there...
i was just mentioning that i used the withlist as one way to delete the
john guy. i was just trying to add that address and delete it a few
different ways hoping that something in the pck file would get fixed...

> It doesn't get to that unless the address is in the mlist.getMembers()
> list and also passes the mlist.isMember(addr) test which means it is
> in either the mlist.members list or the mlist.digest_members list.

that's clear. then if grep isn't finding that particular string and is not
in m.getMembers() via withlist how's getMembers() via remove_members
finding it? where does it come from?
this doesn't really matter but - does getMembers() return all (digest and
not) members?

> That doesn't mean there aren't digest_members.

right. i was unclear. there are no digest_members on this list - they
don't exist..

> That's the point about dumping the configuration with bin/config_list
and > then restoring it later. This preserves all the customization.

ok...  i'll try that...   thanks....

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