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Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Apr 21 19:55:54 CEST 2006

Carconni wrote:
>I have a couple of quick questions - if I copy my /private/var/mailman directory to another location will I be able to use it to restore my listserv with it if something goes wrong with it?

Probably. There are potential issues if things are being changed while
the copy is running, but assuming that the settings for PREFIX,
EXEC_PREFIX and VAR_PREFIX in your installation all point to that
directory, it will have everything.

>I have over 300 lists and I need to modify 'generic_nonmember_action': 1, to 'generic_nonmember_action': 0,.  I understand that config_list should be able to do that.

Yes, and so can withlist.

>Will it change all the lists automatically?

config_list won't. You have to wrap it in a shell command that does it
for all lists.

>What if I wanted to change only a group of lists?  Can I put 'generic_nonmember_action': 0, in a file and lets call that file (fix4), do I run ./config_list -i fix4?  What is the exact syntax.

./config_list -i fix4 listname

or maybe something like

#! bin/sh
for list in `bin/list_lists --bare`
do bin/config_list -i fix4 $list


#! bin/sh
for list in `cat file/containing/listnames/todo`
do bin/config_list -i fix4 $list

>I've looked at mailman commands and I've also run ./config_list -h and there just isn't enough information there.

How can we improve 'config_list -h' to be more helpful?

>Does config_list act on the *.pck files in /private/var/mailman/lists/listname directory?

The list configuration, membership, member options, etc are all in the
config.pck file with one generation of backup in config.pck.last.

request.pck contains the outstanding administrative requests such as
held post request that appear on the admindb page. pending.pck
contains requests waiting confirmation from the submitter, e.g. a
subscription or address change request. Neither of these is affected
by config_list which only changes some of the things in config.pck.

>Also can I set "List of non-member addresses whose postings should be automatically accepted. " under Privacy to *.emailaddress.com to accept all address from one client?

You can put a regular expression in that list, but it has to begin with
'^' so you could put something like

^.*\.emailaddress\.com$ to accept anything that ends with literally
'.emailaddress.com'. See <http://docs.python.org/lib/re-syntax.html>
for the syntax of Python regular expressions.

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