[Mailman-Users] how can I download my subscriber list

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Apr 23 20:33:26 CEST 2006

Gary Hall wrote:
>Darn. I was hoping there was a utility to "export" the lists. I'll have 
>to get our programmer to set up an account for me I guess.

There is a utility to export lhe list. It's the command line tool
bin/list_members mentioned in the first sentence of the FAQ article

>This should be a feature in some upcoming version as it is important to 
>be able to back up your lists. I have two lists: One is 600 and the 
>other is 5,000.

The alternatives if you only have web access are also described in the
FAQ. Both Jim's and my scripts work and have been used on lists with
thousands of members. They require you to install Python, and the
ClientCookie package if Python is pre 2.4, on your personal
computer/workstation, but once that is done, they are simple to use.

>Do you think this is something I should ask the developers 
><mailman-developers at python.org> to consider?

There is already an RFE at
If that doesn't describe what you want, you can add a comment or a new

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