[Mailman-Users] Newbie question(s).

William D. Tallman wtallman at olypen.com
Tue Apr 25 23:44:14 CEST 2006

I'm subscribed here to get some answers about email list software in
general, and hopefully some continuing questions about Mailman in
particular.  So I may be gone shortly, depending on what I discover

I am considering setting up an email list server for possibly more than
one local email discussion list.  But I'm not clear on how that can be
done, or whether or not it is indeed possible.  Hence this post.

I'm (yet another) private computer user with a home LAN and an aDSL
gateway to an ISP.  I'm running Fetchmail/Sendmail/Procmail on my own
machine, which primarily means I can use any MUA at whim.  It also means
I've the potential to serve the LAN as well, though presently don't
(wife likes her own setup...)  And it also means I could cobble up a
simple email mirror to do the job, but it would be a limited hack.

What I want to do is run a real list server instead.  Thought of
majordomo but was set straight on the currently much better regarded
Mailman, which is why I'm asking here.  So, the question:

Is it possible to run a server behind a gateway and through an ISP?

Fetchmail can service list mailboxes easily enough, and Sendmail can do
transport duty both ways.  But in order that my machine's hostname is
not carried beyond the gateway, I have to use the Sendmail '-f' switch.
Simple enough.

Don't know whether or not Mailman can be configured to accept messages
from Fetchmail, and/or to pass outgoing to Sendmail, however.

If I set up Mailman on my machine, it will (I presume) regard it's own
address as that of the machine, an address only valid on my LAN.  I
suppose the question is whether or not I can set up reliable address
translation for the outgoing smtp stuff, but I'm a relative newbie at
all this and would sure like to know what is or is not feasible/possible
before I get all bogged down and over my head.

Is this post clear enough for a substantive response, or do I need to
clarify anything?

Thanks for reading,

Bill Tallman

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